What are the Biggest Brands Online?

Ecommerce is now big business with many companies now selling more brands online than in their high street stores. Below we share with you the biggest online brands in 2017.


It is no surprise that Amazon is one of the biggest online brands in the world. Nowadays, everyone navigates towards Amazon to buy books, electronics and even their groceries. It really is the one stop shop with excellent customer service (you really can’t fault it) and some of the cheapest prices to be found online.


Long gone are the days when Avon was a door to door service with the Avon rep delivering the goods to your door. Today Avon is an incredibly popular online brand. Representatives now approach clients to fill in their own details online, and to place their own orders.

Barnes & Noble

Barns & Noble are one of the longest standing and most repeutable bookstores in the world. In order to compete with Amazon, they have of course had to embrace the ecommerce market, but in doing so they have bumped their sales and are as popular as ever.


Apple has to be on our biggest online brands list, with the iPhone and iPad still outselling their rivals. They offer a highly visual and easy to navigate website, and with their constant product updates, and reliability, it looks like they are destined to stay at the top of their game.
Disney Store

The Disney online store experience is very similar to that of shopping on the high street, and is one of the reasons why they remain to be so popular. All of their brands can be accessed via their estore, including toys, costumes and entertainment.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder remain as glamourous today as when they first stared out. Their easy to navigate website allows customers to search for their much loved products, as well as finding those products that have been discontinued. All of their top brands can be found online and the experience is an easy and enjoyable one for their loyal fans.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret has been a well established and popular brand for years, but it was only a few years back that they finally embraced the online world. The main reason being that shoppers would rather browse online, than in their shops, for obvious reasons. Today they are the world’s leading luxury underwear brand.


Budweiser have been brewing their own unique beer for the past 160 years. This global empire has now embraced the world of online shopping, with many of their customers choosing to buy online, rather than in store.

Red Bull

When it comes to the energy drink, Red Bull is the biggest selling brand in the world. Their online sales also prove to be just as popular with the ability to buy lots of Red Bull merchandise.