How Google Adwords can improve your business

The internet is a competitive marketplace and as a business it is important to optimise your content in order to drive traffic, generate leads and stay ahead of your competitor. Google Adwords allow your business to use both images and text to target a specific audience and maintain a high-level ranking in search engine results.

Using Google Adwords are more efficient and faster than the more traditional use of search engine optimised content (or SEO). To generate leads and maintain the top spot in search engine results requires hours of well written, precisely target articles and even then, a number one ranking is not guaranteed. Google Adwords give your business more control over how your campaign appears visually and the added benefit of being able to turn it on or off at any time to suit the needs of your business. Google Adwords also allow you to set a maximum daily cost so that you never go over budget and can constantly re-evaluate how you want to spend your money, which areas of your business you want to push and what products or services you wish to highlight.

There are now more brands than ever competing for the consumer’s attention and it is important for businesses to not only attract clients but maintain that relationship as well. Google Adwords are integrated with Gmail, a fantastic tool for keeping in touch with customers. An added bonus is that Gmail ads are not as expensive as other search ads, so you can still get the most out of your advertising potential on a smaller budget.

With more traditional means of print advertising, it can be hard to gauge how successful each campaign has been in reaching your business’s target audience. However, with Google Adwords you can track exactly how many leads have been generated as a result, who has clicked on them (which is where Gmail follow up comes in handy again) and exactly how much each Adword costs you. This makes strategizing future advertising much more straightforward. You can quickly and easily see what worked, what didn’t and what direction to invest your money in next time.

Although Google Adwords cannot tell you exactly what a potential client does after clicking on your ad, Google Analytics can still help you to see how long they visited your site for and which pages they stayed on longest. Making the most of Google Analytics can enable you to see which areas of your business are attracting the most attention and which perhaps need further advertising to boost appeal and online visibility. The data from Google Analytics also allows you to discover more in-depth information about the visitors to your site than ever before, such as gender, age and even personal circumstances, such as whether or not they have children. All of this information can greatly influence how your business may wish to target their marketing and Google Adwords give you all the tools to achieve this.

In an ever changing online marketplace that is now overcrowded with sites offering competing services, products and business models, Google Adwords can improve your business and help keep your advertising fresh and relevant. Google Adwords give you total control over your marketing spending and allows you to constantly update how you wish to target your business to ensure you are getting the most from your online presence.

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